music video: "say you'll be there" (spice girls cover)

all video (and some audio) was sourced entirely from other authors' videos on YouTube by Matthew Marsh -- each video is credited at the end of ours

created + performed for Fresh Ground Pepper's event FGP Epic: Pepper/Spice, which took place on June 25, 2016

"Say You'll Be There" is from the 1996 album Spice by the Spice Girls, written by the Spice Girls + Jonathan Buck + Eliot Kennedy

360° music video: "while you weren't looking"

This is a 360° music video! You can look in any direction you like while it plays. For the correct viewing experience, follow these instructions:

iPHONE + ANDROID: Safari and Chrome not supported -- watch in the Facebook or YouTube app -- the angle will change as you move your phone. 

COMPUTER BROWSER: Safari not supported -- watch in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera -- click and drag to change angle, or use "W A S D" keys.