q: who is plastic angel?

A:   We are an unsigned, Brooklyn-based band made up of Adam CochranMatthew Marsh and Barrie McLain. Other collaborators will always be listed on the roster.

Q: what is "plastic angel of the month"?

A:   Throughout 2016, Plastic Angel releasing new songs at the end of every month. We're also putting out a series of music videos. After all 12 months are complete, we'll release a remastered end-of-year album with some extra bonus goodies.

Q: how much does each song cost to download?

A:   FREE, for now. Although you will have the opportunity to choose to pay what you like. We sincerely appreciate any extra you'd like to give to support us and our project at this early stage. Our music is on Bandcamp and Soundcloud at the moment, but we're working on placing it on iTunes and Spotify too. When we compile all of 2016's songs into our end-of-year album, it will have a set cost -- price TBA.

q: can you let me know about new songs/videos/performances/albums?

A:   Yes! Please sign up for the Plastic Angel mailing list below. You'll receive emails when (and only when) we have new content to share (new songs, new music videos, end-of-year album) or when we're announcing live performances.